A new born girl of Jesus (minear)

What’s behind the scenes?

I’m Minear, a 22 years old girl. You will laugh while reading this. How can I call myself a girl since my age is 22 right now? However, this is just what I feel about how God created me and make me feel I’m always young.

Today, I start writing on my blog with the strong inspiration from God, Jesus Christ. The story begins like this:

I work for my mom at clothing stall at the nearby market from I live. I was so weary and confused with a little jealousy with a seller neighbor. Everyone there was busy with serving the customers. They seem to be lucky every day except me. I asked myself “what have you done wrong Minear? What do you lack of? Why did people around you are better than you?” The feeling of jealousy starts to growth in my heart and mind. Immediately, I got a wake-up call from Jesus and told me that “Hey, Minear. You are working hard for your family and earning your degree. You will get it soon. You know English and you are surrounded by many good people who serve me. You are blessed from me and you are prayed from my people as well. I’ll bless you in my name Jesus Christ, as your heart is touching me. You are blessed because my servant asking me to blessed you in my name. You don’t have to be worry and jealous with those people around you. You are pretty and smart as I’m the one who created you. Believe in me Jesus Christ!!!” Amen.

When all those words came to my mind, I knew that Satan was trying to walk me away from God. There was God who hold me and got me back on his way. My mind was changing and accept and happy with what I have. I have nothing to be doubt with since I’m with God. One thing that cherishes me the most is I don’t have money like them, but I have God’s word in my heart and my soul. I will be full and always fine with his present in my heart.

This blog will share you about the life of the new born God’s girl. I love you Jesus!!!

A New Born God’s girl!!


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