NIV 26:8

Hmmm….I wonder what is NIV 26:8

I have listened to Louie Giglio about satisfaction and the glory of God. I heard about the new international standards version NIV 26: 8, I wonder what is it. I thought it was something relate to mathematics which 26 divide by 8. I had no idea about this verse come from. I thought maby I don’t know how to find it or my bible don’t have that verse. And today again, I had listened to that one more time and I want to know what is the connection between NIV to the bible. For this reason, I typed NIV, and it surprised me that this is bible for international learners. And I typed again with 26:8, surprisingly, it appears with what Louie Giglio said:

“Yes, Lord, walking in the way of Your Truth, we wait eagerly for You, for Your name and Your renown are the desire of our souls. Isaiah 26:8”

I was very happy that I could fine this verse which I love it so much. I would like to walk in the way of light, in the way of his truth, I wait eagerly for him, for his name and his renown is the desire of my souls.

I want to memorize this verse 26: 8 and say it with my emotion and feeling. I want him to know my heart and my soul are touched with him in every breath I take and every second my heart beat. The brain that I have, the ability that I can do, the food that I cook deliciously are from him, I’m his creation, oh my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Today 5 October, I found my favorite verse from Louie Giglio. Thanks God for guiding me and reply me with this amazing staff everyday I think of you.

22 yrs new born God’s girl💞 Jesus

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One thought on “NIV 26:8

  1. Our hearts are bursting with love for God and you, Minear! We are praising Him for your heart for Him! It’s as if we can hear God singing over you and smiling as He listens to your words!

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