Matthew 6:6

My father who sees in secret will reward me openly.

I am not too brave enough to get things done without getting frustrated. However, it’s not going to be something that I hold on every time in my life. Two weeks ago, I was so anxious about my practicum class. I didn’t know how to do a lesson plan and what I should do in class. I always pray for God to make everything run smoothly. But things didn’t go well like what I thought during the first week. One week before my practicum started, I met a problem. I lost my documents and my laptop that I really needed to make things complete. My brother he took it to the pawn shop. At that time, I was really angry and upset. Later on, I can my focused back. I didn’t think about the problem that I couldn’t solve. I just depend on my father to bring my brother back home so I could get my laptop back. Before my practicum two days, God brought him and my laptop back. (Thanks you for hearing my praying Jesus Christ. Thanks you God.) I spent two nigths working on my lesson plan, and my teaching went smoothly even there were some point I missed. But that’s OK God is with me. And I did my best already. One more thing I gonna tell you is that, whenever I meet a problem and I don’t know what’s going to be next, I go to my room or the silent place and I shut the door,  pray to the Father who is in the secret place, and he who sees in secret will reward me openly. I prayed for God to make my students who are passive learners try to talk, answer my questions and involved in my teaching. On the second day of my practicum, students are so active and speak alot. It’s so amazing that a night can change them. And we have fun learning together for now and later on.

The photo we took at the end of my practicum

A new born God’s girl!!

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One thought on “Matthew 6:6

  1. We are rejoicing to hear what Jesus Christ is doing in your life, Minear! As you continue with Jesus, you will have many more testimonies of how He hears your prayers and answers them! Keep your trust in Jesus. He is always faithful!

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