💖💖💖God’s Love💖💖💖

Love can only received and shared, but not OWNED.

Jesus, our Lord, has great love to all his children. We can go anywhere and come back to him and call on his name when we realise our mistakes and repent. He is happy to save us, to forgive our sin, to redeem us, to let us have eternal life. 

With this love,  I understand that I was wrong nearly 20 years. Yesterday, when I sit down and read God’s word, there were something spring to my mind. I thought of the way that I wanted to own mom’s love and family. I wanted them to love me only and not to had this love for the other girl beside from me. That was so selfish.

This is the nature of man to be jealous,  selfish, and sin. Without God,  I won’t understand the meaning of love. Loved can share uncoditionalIy and unlimitedly. I wanted to own the love and I was fear to lose it. I had little love to share with people. I was afraid that someone would take away their love to me . All of these ideas covered me in that back box of stupidity,  sin, selfishness, lovelessness, and loneliness.

Now I was born again with unlimited love and considerate with God’s mighty hand and his grace. With God,  we know how to love our enemy, to love our neighbours as our self, to do every good deeds for the sake of our father and to glorify him.

I am thankful to GOD for everything he gives us. He is the one and only.

A new born God’s girl 👧

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Show me JESUS

I need your guidance
I would repent if I did wrong because I know that God won’t turn his back to me, but he always hold my hand and come to me whenever I call his name.

God! U knew what I did and what I feel right now. Please shows me if I really said something out of the truth. It hurted me when I did not lie and they thought I was lying. Could you please show my sin, and I will repent and asked for forgiveness.

I cannot repent or admit the truth when there is no false witness to myself. Please shows me Jesus!!!

A new born God’s girl 👧

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Jesus is my Savior

I can survive until today because of u ….

Three years ago, on 9th December, I made a sinful mistake that make me feel a shame looking back to the past. Everything of mine is belong to God, I should not killed myself since this is not my life and my life is the gift from God. How stupid did I deny his gift.
From today, no matter what happen I will walk in your way because you are the way of life and your gift is the life of eternity. I admit I got less love from family and friends. That’s why I tried to commit suicide three years ago.

I thought that my absent would make mom love me and made her realised her mistake that she didn’t care of me. Fortunately,  I was survived. I got all my family attention. They took care of me, understand me and loved me. This didn’t last long, a month later,  mom became like before. She paid less attention to me due to she knew that I was ok. Actually,  I was not OK. No matters what happened or how weak I was, I never told this to anyone.  I couldn’t count how many nights i cried and a fell asleep. How many nights i cried walking in the raining. 

Today i realised that God prepared this for me. If I died on that day,  I would not meet Georgia and Hannah and I would not know Jesus too. It’s already 4 months that I know Jesus. I have studied the foundation book of the Bible  in khmer for 5 lessons and I unintentionally quited it. I know that I’m not a good Christian since I’m not going to church and not learning the scripture.  However,  one thing I know is that I need him and I accept his as my Savior. He is the one and only that I called and think of whenever I’m in trouble. And he is the only one that I thank for every single day😊.

Love in the world changes but the love from God never changes. He will never ever leave us alone. That’s why he is the only one I can depend and trust on.
A new born God’s girl !!!

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