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There are alot of things that happen amazingly on this earth and beyond. We might wonder of why and how it comes.  Hmm, I used to wonder a lot even why there are sesame seed on the outside of strawberry and the black sesame seed in the inside of a dragon fruit. I also wonder why white people have a very cute face with a very straight nose go upward to the sky. These are just the example of how I wonder about our differences to the human being, plant, animal and other things. It comes a time I start to realize that there’s only one version of you and I and everything is one of a kind. We can be similar but not the same. That’s why there’s a word saying” Same Same but Different ”

I’m sharing you this because my doubts are cleared,  my wonders are cleared,  my questions are answered and the answer I got is only one the same answer. Can you guess what is the answer?

Since HE is the beginning, who is before him? Since HE is the one who created all things, who is the other creator? Since you know how the world 🌍 was made, why do you have to wonder? Since prayer cause things to happen,  why do you doubt? Since God first love you, why don’t you believe that He is He, the Lord. If he can make single things and person on this earth different from each other, why can’t you thank to him and Praise HIM?

I stop wondering and asking why. Nooo,  I do ask Why but it’s not in the sense as before. Even there was and will be hard or good time. I love to count it as BLESSING. My answer to you is GOD, He is the LORD! If God is not going to answer my question right now, I know that I will know on his timing,  why?  Because everything he does is for my own good. Looking back to the past week that I was unknown to myself. I got attack by Satan and I became weak. It is not a big deal and it’s a  challenge that God want to strengthen me. Even Satan can attack me but GOD won’t let him succeed.  GOD took the advantage of Satan’s attack to help me tell how great he is in my previous post “It’s Ok not to be OK” and “An Unlosable Desire ” God always turn things from bad to good with his power, his love to us, his care for us and to bring us closer to him.

I don’t want you to think that your current bad situation is a curse. GOD knows only how to bless. Do not asking why you are not bless like the other. I do ask a ton of times why why and why before I knew God. Why don’t you look back to the day you are in your mother’s womb, once your mother know she has you. She and her family already count you as their blessing. You and I are a gift🎁 from God and we are his because he is the one who bring us to life and to see the world.  Moreover, bad childhood memories or good memories are the blessing, if it is not for now it will be for the future. Do not ask God why he put you in this kind of family like what I used to asked him. You know what, “papa” the first word that the child can say to his Dad is the blessing for the family especially to the father of that child. You are the blessing and God continue to help you and be with you on this earth and in heaven. There will be a time you have an understanding that no one will understand you. There is also a time when you speak nothing, complain nothing, beg nothing, and the result is Amen and Amen!

No doubt and no wonder why you don’t understand it at all because it is how this post is named. Well, it is because I am really blessed. God touched my heart so much and I want to praised HIM. That’s it.

No Doubt No Wonder
A Newborn God’s Girl 👸


😍😍An Unlosable Desire😍😍

Just Because I always want to be with you and I want to be like You father!!

A minute ago, I am lost. What is it mean? I feel that I lose something. After I pray for God directing my heart and get myself out of that wonderland; now I know what I really really want and I ask God and I pray for this special thing.

Actually, I was in an unsearchable mode. I was looking for a Server that never cut off  even I use the data too much. Since God is the One who come to serve, I want to have HIM with me no matter what happen. I know that God, Who is my Server is Perfect and always there for me, I’m afraid that I am the one who break the connection because I am weak.

I am asking HIM for an Unlosable Desire. I mean that I am afraid that I lost my fear of God, I am worried that I put my problem bigger than God.  I worried that I will break the Commandment and get out of his way. I am worried I love people on earth more than GOD. I forget that God’s love is Out of our Control.

For this reason, I pray for Unlosable Desire.  The Desire of seeking for him. The Desire of loving Him. The Desire of being like Him.  The Desire of Satisfying in Him.  The Desire of Glorifying Him.  The Desire of keeping Faith. The  Desire of spreading the Gospel. The Desire of facing the difficulty. The Desire of being Patient. The Desire of prioritizing HIM.

All in all, I ask God for an Unlosable Desire which is the desire that will never ever lose of wanting to be like HIM.

In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

A Newborn God’s Girl 👸

It’s OK ☺😀not to be OK😂😢

He is the LORD!

It’s ok just be to curly 😉

I am wondering of where to start when I really want to tell everyone of your glory. I get confused most the time. I get nervous  and feared. I cry a lot and I like to lock my self in a bathroom because I feel safe in that place. I am really emotional.  My heart touch to even a tiny little things. I love people easily and that often make me hurt. They make me trust them and they break my little heart. They say I’m stupid and too honest. They say I need to be strong and I should not cry to show my weakness. They say I have to hide my weakness and to hide my sins. Doing that I will not fall. They tell me to believe what they say due to they are older than me. Once they lie, they say this is human nature.

What I want to emphasize is you and I have gone through and hold on to that false believe much or less in you life time. Have you asked yourself why do you have to be strong? And how do you get strong by your own self? Why do you can’t cry? What is the matter being weak? What is the matter if we just want to lean on someone? Why do you sin? If you dare to sin, why do you try to hide it? If you are strong, why do you afraid of death,  falling,  stumbling and other tribulations. Religious people always call on to God when they can’t face with problems. They ask God for help but they proud of them selves that they able to stand and struggle during those hardships. They forgot whom they call for help, instead they try to make themselves up to top.

In Genesis 1, we know how the world was made and we are made in his own image. We were made to rule the world and the world was made through him. You and I are not belong to our own selves. We belong to GOD and we own nothing in this big world. For this reason, we and everything are HIS.

Back to the point, Yes, I always tell my self to be strong because I am so weak without him. I have to be strong because I am his. Moreover, I cannot be strong without him. In Philippians 4:13 tells me he will strengthen me like Apostle Paul says ” I can do everything through him who strengthen me.”

More than that it is ok just to cry or mourn. Jesus our Lord is with us. Our brother and sister in Christ are with us. We are not alone. God tells us in Roman 12: 15 to rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.

Apostle Paul continue on verse 16 that God tells us to be on the same mind toward one another. Do not set your mind on high things, but associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own opinion. Can you see that God is Just. Even I’m poor or even I’m ugly or even I’m fall or even I mourn, God says You and I are equal in God’s eyes regardless of our  family background, money, social status, and race. Moreover, those who believe in themselves that they can do everything without God have met many surprised and they are going to have a lot more through their life time yet they think it’s by fate and not a blessing.

Those who try to make themselves idle and perfect before God will realize that they are not and they are so small because no matter how smart and powerful they are, they would ever never surprised GOD. Only GOD almighty has power to do all things as he wishes and make us surprised of his gift and be thankful for all his blessing. Remember that nothing in this world come without reason. Whatever on earth that amaze us are God’s creation. So is it possible to say that you are stronger than God? I tell you, no matter how successful you are, there are time when things get out of your control, but God is always in Control of all things. Yet God’s grace is out of control. It means it is innumerable. It’s more than enough to save us from sin and to bring us to the farther. Is it wonderful of how he works on us and saves us? Don’t you be glad of having him as your father and be thankful to him?

I tell you when I was certainly not his fan and fell in love with my sin, Jesus said I want that Girl. He prepared all the ways to make me here with HIM and to tell you this things. Now I become his daughter and I’m so in love with him. I want to be his and with him. Praised be to the LORD!
As you see how god changes me, you will be see of how HE will works on you, too. It’s OK just to turn your back and accept him, repent and ask for forgiveness. It is ok to call on his name even on your last breath because God never says it is too late. God is just and faithful. God cares of sinner, he never leaves them and always let them hear and see the truth and the light in his timing.

Thanks you Jesus for letting me be who you made me to be. Thanks you for letting me know that I’m special in your eyes and I’m not alone. Thanks you Jesus for bringing me in to you beautiful world with beautiful people so I can praise you with them alway and ever. I love you Jesus.

It’s ok not to be Ok 👌
A Newborn God’s Girl 👸