😍😍An Unlosable Desire😍😍

Just Because I always want to be with you and I want to be like You father!!

A minute ago, I am lost. What is it mean? I feel that I lose something. After I pray for God directing my heart and get myself out of that wonderland; now I know what I really really want and I ask God and I pray for this special thing.

Actually, I was in an unsearchable mode. I was looking for a Server that never cut off  even I use the data too much. Since God is the One who come to serve, I want to have HIM with me no matter what happen. I know that God, Who is my Server is Perfect and always there for me, I’m afraid that I am the one who break the connection because I am weak.

I am asking HIM for an Unlosable Desire. I mean that I am afraid that I lost my fear of God, I am worried that I put my problem bigger than God.  I worried that I will break the Commandment and get out of his way. I am worried I love people on earth more than GOD. I forget that God’s love is Out of our Control.

For this reason, I pray for Unlosable Desire.  The Desire of seeking for him. The Desire of loving Him. The Desire of being like Him.  The Desire of Satisfying in Him.  The Desire of Glorifying Him.  The Desire of keeping Faith. The  Desire of spreading the Gospel. The Desire of facing the difficulty. The Desire of being Patient. The Desire of prioritizing HIM.

All in all, I ask God for an Unlosable Desire which is the desire that will never ever lose of wanting to be like HIM.

In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

A Newborn God’s Girl πŸ‘Έ


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