I Bet You miss me too!

You are not with me, but you are here in my heart. Thanks for coming into my life and stamp all sweet and lovely moments on my memories.

Kids congratulated their friends who got a seat in “Musical Chair”

It’s been nearly a week that I am here at a new place. It is not a school. If you are a teacher and you are changing your job from being with student to sit down working on computer all day long, you will probably feel difficult at first.

They really love cutting, sticking, finding​, coloring and helping each other.

The first and foremost feeling I have right now is missing them. I miss my kids. I miss their voice called me Teacher Minear! You know what- I had a lot of terrible days from home. Whenever I arrived school, those little kids brought all the problems and sadness from me. I miss all the crying voices from difference class. I miss their kiss and lovely hug.

I love to see them learn and have fun with friends. I miss our morning routine. I miss our circle time. I am happy to see those kids know the days of the week and be able to spell each day correctly. 

I love seeing them doing art and craft. I am happy seeing them coloring and writing little note for their family. I love when they said they miss me and now I want to tell I MISS YOU SO MUCH.

 I pray that God will bless you, your family, and your you teacher! 





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