Am I A Good Friend?

John 13: 34-35

“A new command and I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another”

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There are times when I think in a very positive way. The way I think make people think that i don’t have much love. I want to share with you that this thought happen because I trust the Lord. I have plan for you, Plan to prosper and not to harm you. For this reason, faith is in my self. If there are things which happen differently form what I have expected, it doesn’t mean it is bad. There are hopes in front of us. However, Let me give you my personal experience. I felt bad about myself when someone said to me  I don’t have enough love for my friend. When the very serious commandment is to love our neighbor  more than our self. I started to think that I am not a good friend to her. It is a reminder to my self to feel pity of other when they are pity and to rejoice with them when they are rejoice.I sense that God told me through other person to remind myself to think of other like I think of myself, to love other like I love myself, to pray for other like I pray for myself. I know that I am so worried about “ME” without thinking of other.

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I was guilty of myself for not loving my friend enough as I should. By this post, This is also a confession to her that I did not mean her presence will make me uncomfortable. I will be blessed for her to work in the same place with me if it is the will of God. As I had share with you, that my new job comes from God’s Called. I cannot do anything if it’s not God’s plan. At that time, I cried and then I woke up thinking of his word “You are not a good friend.” I prayed and asked God for his forgiveness. I prayed that God will pour his grace all over me to make me feel love and not being judged. Every time that I do something wrong or said something that would hurt another, guilty is standing in front of me.

Therefore, we are not mean to live under guilt and our sin, please tell ourselves of who we are. Last Sunday, My pastor preach about law and grace. We can not be righteous just to walk by the law but Grace alone that clean us and bring us upright before God. And that when we born again and have a relationship with God the father by the Son Jesus Christ. This help me dealing with my guilt. I cannot put myself in this guilty box. Not only talk about this case happened to me, but through my word, mind, and deed; I cannot count my sin against God. If I really care about breaking this law of loving one another, how about other commands? Only one way to live spiritually peace is to rest in God’s Grace. Go before God and Repent. Seek for his kingdom and ask him to give you the ability to love like Christ and to live like Christ.

With God’s Love



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