When Good doesn’t Happen, But Tears…

Have faith, God is working behind the scene.


When I was about to close my eyes and slept, mom burned the incense and prayed to my ancestor (She is not a believer yet, and God is working in her heart and family). I could not say even a word about this. She had never done that before even though she is not Christian. Last month or so, mom told me that I can go to church and she asked me to take my 3 brothers with me. It is the sign that God is working in her. She even used to admire me of leaving the Gospel tract for the people at the restaurant and at the public. She said it was great to leave them so people could come and read what it is about. She also had  a gospel as well. I told her to read but I had never followed and boldness to confront with her. I need courage! Mom decided to bring an Idol home because  she thought there were many bad things  happen to our family continually and business does not run well either.

1e25384c2558ab3c9d5fbb7fc335665cHowever, God tells me that If I keep asking him then he will make it happen. It is the reminder to me that even God seems to close his eyes letting mom bow down her knees before dead people, but God said in Philippians 2:13 “For God is working on you, giving you the desire and the power to do what please him.” Our testimonies are his glories and we do live to show to others about his loving and kindness for all the humankind. That by the grace of God, we all have right to stand righteous before God. Not because what we do but the Blood of Jesus. We are honor to be called the children of God through believing in the son Jesus Christ.

It is just a small portion of my days, there are so many more twisted around my self and strike me down. For the one who feel like you are the only one, please don’t feel like that again. You are not alone. There is one here and there who understand how you feel, who pain as you, who weak as you, who hurt as you, who hopeless as you and who is in the same condition or worse than you. But remember God is with you. He is with You Who Feel Like You are The Only One. God is with You Who pain is inside you. God is with you Who cries. God is with you Who mourn.

The truth is God is working behind the scene. Therefore, NO matter what the problem you are having right now: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and all burdens inside you, You are free to Lift it up to GOD. Keep Praying and have Faith. I do, too!

You and I are not the only one who are messed up. Stand strong for one another as the Lord Strengthen  us.

In Christ,


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