The Essence of God’s Family

We are meant to Glorify God!


I became a christian two years ago.  One and a half year as a believer, I would called myself an isolated christian. I did not attend church or had relationship with other Christians except four or five people I know.  This another half year was the fresh start that get me into the taste of his sweetness. At first, I didn’t understand why I had to stay longer after church, to talked to people, and had fellowship with them until I fell in love with the essence of his family. Now, I am waiting for the Lovely and Holy Sunday to come every week.


There was no where I can feel such a kind of sweetness except in the house of God or with the family of Christ. I used to think that nowhere is going to be comfortable, sweet, and warmth like home. This is changing when I got to feel the love from church. How the pastor and the members caring for one another enable me to feel that it’s me in God’s family.  It’s more than going to listen to preaching and studying God’s word. Sunday is the day of love. The day that we can come to the house of God, to share each other’s burden, to pray for one another, to encouraged one another, to have fellowship with one another, and to strengthen love to one another. The love of the world cannot compare to the love of God. The love from the Holy Spirit in each one of us enables us to love people as he does.


I took 24 years just to have the courage to wear my curly hair down. Now, I am do it confidently because I want to embrace God’s design. I am judged by people because my family is messed up. Now, I am not ashamed of my life because my imperfection was lying under the grace of God. I wish people would accepted my differences. When I came to know God, I feel so much differences. I feel that I am accepted because of God accepted me. The world is going to judge me because of my sin or others. But God receives me as his family not only by his words but he acts it out through brothers and sisters. My own family is going to judge me because I thank him for food. They judge me because I believe in the true God. The feeling of I am not good enough was faded when the poor me is being accepted.


What I have gone through is that the encouragement of the world would not give us peace and truth. It will lead one to boost and proud of him/herself because it’s not from the lord. This is not for us who is in Christ.

We can be alone with God and ask God to show us his ways. We also need our brothers, sisters and the church, too. We are here for one another, to laugh, to mourn and to weep together. We are called to speak the truth for one another and encourage each other in the Lord. We get courage from the Lord and also need encouragement from our brothers and sisters.


The relationship that gonna be last long forever. How great it is to be able to spend time with your sisters and brothers in this world and in heaven. After church services, there are time that we all can be together to strengthen one another. We cannot say I am worried about you or I love you without put it into action. We  also cannot act it out to be seen by others. Without love, it is nothing. I would like to say thank you all in the family of Christ, especially to the people in “Water of Life”, What God tells me, I can feel through each one of you. You have it all in the essence of God’s house, you make me feel loved, accepted, encouraged, and the relationship by the blood of Christ. I would like to thank my spiritual parent  who have prayed for me to have this fellowship for so long. Praise God, He is always faithful to answer our prayer. This is the Glory of the Lord!

I know how it is like when you live with your own family and you can not have the same feeling as you are in the family of Christ. I tell you, I am now feeling this hardship. The relationship that always have misunderstanding, the selfish-love, mocking and the insecurity. I know that God is with me, You are there for me; I will be OK. I want to tell you that God love you and be with you and your family, we are here for you and lift you up in the mighty hand of God. You will be OK!

I am going to end this post by Giving Thank to the LORD and The Family in Christ. I am blessed beyond measure to be loved, accepted, and encouraged in the Lord by all of you. Thank you for make me feel like home even I am not in my own home. Thank you for the warmth hug and sweet words.

In Christ,





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