It’s not about me!

This is my first time writing in 2018. It’s really quite a long time already that I have stayed silent. Now, I would like to tell you that 2017 was the year of God’s blessing, teaching, encouraging, and all the works that he helps me to continue  growing in him. Also, what leads me to walk with him from now until the last breath of my life. It’s so marvelous of all he has worked in me through his grace, mercy and plans. And I know for sure that GOD has done amazing things in you, too! Praise be to GOD!

Thanksgiving to the Lord’s Saving Goodness of King David, best described my year of 2017:

Psalm 118

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.

Let Israel say:
    “His love endures forever.”
Let the house of Aaron say:
    “His love endures forever.”
Let those who fear the Lord say:
    “His love endures forever.”

When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord;
    he brought me into a spacious place.
The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.
    What can mere mortals do to me?
The Lord is with me; he is my helper.
    I look in triumph on my enemies.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in humans.
It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in princes.
10 All the nations surrounded me,
    but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
11 They surrounded me on every side,
    but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
12 They swarmed around me like bees,
    but they were consumed as quickly as burning thorns;
    in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
13 I was pushed back and about to fall,
    but the Lord helped me.
14 The Lord is my strength and my defense[a];
    he has become my salvation.

15 Shouts of joy and victory
    resound in the tents of the righteous:
“The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!
16     The Lord’s right hand is lifted high;
    the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!”
17 I will not die but live,
    and will proclaim what the Lord has done.
18 The Lord has chastened me severely,
    but he has not given me over to death.
19 Open for me the gates of the righteous;
    I will enter and give thanks to the Lord.
20 This is the gate of the Lord
    through which the righteous may enter.
21 I will give you thanks, for you answered me;
    you have become my salvation.

22 The stone the builders rejected
    has become the cornerstone;
23 the Lord has done this,
    and it is marvelous in our eyes.
24 The Lord has done it this very day;
    let us rejoice today and be glad.

25 Lord, save us!
    Lord, grant us success!

26 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
    From the house of the Lord we bless you.[b]
27 The Lord is God,
    and he has made his light shine on us.
With boughs in hand, join in the festal procession
    up[c] to the horns of the altar.

28 You are my God, and I will praise you;
    you are my God, and I will exalt you.

29 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.


For this time and the year to come, O’LORD, We are not asking you to give us a very comfortable time or an easy life. We are praying and asking for the love, the strength, the wisdom, the desires, the longing of you, from you, pour on to us that we can show the world that you are WORTHY to be PRAISED at all time. Let us strives in a hard time if it will changes the bad things inside us. Let us struggle if it will make us grow stronger. Let us suffer, if it is for your glory. Let us do anythings according to your will. We are confident that you always keep your eyes on us even  when we fall in a depth of sleep or weary or sadness or joy or cherish or whatever about to come. You, LORD is in control. You never tired of taking care of each one of us. As what is my pastor always say: “GOD IS GOOD; ALL THE TIME” OR “ALL THE TIME; GOD IS GOOD”

Let me say somethings very honest here, for brothers and sisters and all the pastors in my church, my spiritual parent, and my co-workers, you have never known how much your words of encouragement, smile, correction and love of the Lord to me help me stay stronger in HIM and be a Grown Up Woman Today! Woo-Hooo…(Oh! I become a woman now, should I change the name of my blog?)

You all have truly shown that God is Love, because you are Love. 1 John 4: 7-8Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

In Christ,




The Essence of God’s Family

We are meant to Glorify God!

I became a christian two years ago.  One and a half year as a believer, I would called myself an isolated christian. I did not attend church or had relationship with other Christians except four or five people I know.  This another half year was the fresh start that get me into the taste of his sweetness. At first, I didn’t understand why I had to stay longer after church, to talked to people, and had fellowship with them until I fell in love with the essence of his family. Now, I am waiting for the Lovely and Holy Sunday to come every week.


There was no where I can feel such a kind of sweetness except in the house of God or with the family of Christ. I used to think that nowhere is going to be comfortable, sweet, and warmth like home. This is changing when I got to feel the love from church. How the pastor and the members caring for one another enable me to feel that it’s me in God’s family.  It’s more than going to listen to preaching and studying God’s word. Sunday is the day of love. The day that we can come to the house of God, to share each other’s burden, to pray for one another, to encouraged one another, to have fellowship with one another, and to strengthen love to one another. The love of the world cannot compare to the love of God. The love from the Holy Spirit in each one of us enables us to love people as he does.


I took 24 years just to have the courage to wear my curly hair down. Now, I am do it confidently because I want to embrace God’s design. I am judged by people because my family is messed up. Now, I am not ashamed of my life because my imperfection was lying under the grace of God. I wish people would accepted my differences. When I came to know God, I feel so much differences. I feel that I am accepted because of God accepted me. The world is going to judge me because of my sin or others. But God receives me as his family not only by his words but he acts it out through brothers and sisters. My own family is going to judge me because I thank him for food. They judge me because I believe in the true God. The feeling of I am not good enough was faded when the poor me is being accepted.


What I have gone through is that the encouragement of the world would not give us peace and truth. It will lead one to boost and proud of him/herself because it’s not from the lord. This is not for us who is in Christ.

We can be alone with God and ask God to show us his ways. We also need our brothers, sisters and the church, too. We are here for one another, to laugh, to mourn and to weep together. We are called to speak the truth for one another and encourage each other in the Lord. We get courage from the Lord and also need encouragement from our brothers and sisters.


The relationship that gonna be last long forever. How great it is to be able to spend time with your sisters and brothers in this world and in heaven. After church services, there are time that we all can be together to strengthen one another. We cannot say I am worried about you or I love you without put it into action. We  also cannot act it out to be seen by others. Without love, it is nothing. I would like to say thank you all in the family of Christ, especially to the people in “Water of Life”, What God tells me, I can feel through each one of you. You have it all in the essence of God’s house, you make me feel loved, accepted, encouraged, and the relationship by the blood of Christ. I would like to thank my spiritual parent  who have prayed for me to have this fellowship for so long. Praise God, He is always faithful to answer our prayer. This is the Glory of the Lord!

I know how it is like when you live with your own family and you can not have the same feeling as you are in the family of Christ. I tell you, I am now feeling this hardship. The relationship that always have misunderstanding, the selfish-love, mocking and the insecurity. I know that God is with me, You are there for me; I will be OK. I want to tell you that God love you and be with you and your family, we are here for you and lift you up in the mighty hand of God. You will be OK!

I am going to end this post by Giving Thank to the LORD and The Family in Christ. I am blessed beyond measure to be loved, accepted, and encouraged in the Lord by all of you. Thank you for make me feel like home even I am not in my own home. Thank you for the warmth hug and sweet words.

In Christ,





When Good doesn’t Happen, But Tears…

Have faith, God is working behind the scene.

When I was about to close my eyes and slept, mom burned the incense and prayed to my ancestor (She is not a believer yet, and God is working in her heart and family). I could not say even a word about this. She had never done that before even though she is not Christian. Last month or so, mom told me that I can go to church and she asked me to take my 3 brothers with me. It is the sign that God is working in her. She even used to admire me of leaving the Gospel tract for the people at the restaurant and at the public. She said it was great to leave them so people could come and read what it is about. She also had  a gospel as well. I told her to read but I had never followed and boldness to confront with her. I need courage! Mom decided to bring an Idol home because  she thought there were many bad things  happen to our family continually and business does not run well either.

1e25384c2558ab3c9d5fbb7fc335665cHowever, God tells me that If I keep asking him then he will make it happen. It is the reminder to me that even God seems to close his eyes letting mom bow down her knees before dead people, but God said in Philippians 2:13 “For God is working on you, giving you the desire and the power to do what please him.” Our testimonies are his glories and we do live to show to others about his loving and kindness for all the humankind. That by the grace of God, we all have right to stand righteous before God. Not because what we do but the Blood of Jesus. We are honor to be called the children of God through believing in the son Jesus Christ.

It is just a small portion of my days, there are so many more twisted around my self and strike me down. For the one who feel like you are the only one, please don’t feel like that again. You are not alone. There is one here and there who understand how you feel, who pain as you, who weak as you, who hurt as you, who hopeless as you and who is in the same condition or worse than you. But remember God is with you. He is with You Who Feel Like You are The Only One. God is with You Who pain is inside you. God is with you Who cries. God is with you Who mourn.

The truth is God is working behind the scene. Therefore, NO matter what the problem you are having right now: physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and all burdens inside you, You are free to Lift it up to GOD. Keep Praying and have Faith. I do, too!

You and I are not the only one who are messed up. Stand strong for one another as the Lord Strengthen  us.

In Christ,


We are Better in Him

Roman 8:28 ” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, Who have been called according to his purpose.” 

Roman 8:28 

” And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,

Who have been called according to his purpose.” 

I feel that God has shown me something that have to be ready for anythings happen either good or bad. They are his plan and all make for his glory. Am I praise him only when I am blessed by his amazing plan? Lord, I will praise you until the last breath of mine, I will praise you more in my wilderness and pain because I know you are closer to me when I am weak. I am sorry God that I write this to you in my working time; I don’t mean to cheat my boss; I just cannot continue my work and not tell you what is in my heart. LORD, I trust you and I am better in you.

Lamentations 3: 22-23

” The steadfast love of the Lord never cease; his mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning.”

Without reminding my self that you are in me and you have taken care of me since you nailed on the cross, I cannot stand for today. I want to be in an awe of God so that I can feel your mighty hand wrap around me said, ” Don’t worry daughter, I am with you” (Isaiah 43: 5). If I am with you, who else will again you. No one can separate you from the love of Christ (Romans 8:38).

I tell you the truth, for this couple of months, I start to think something that I have never thought before. The thing like what if he would bring me home? When I had diagnose with pneumonia, I was so powerless and I could not sleep.  I started to questioned God at first of why he put me in this situation. What had I done wrong? Why did God punish me with this kind of pain? I told him that I was exhausted and I was angry with him.

c193a5653a207860c68019a31d5c949cThink back to that time, I did not know Who did I think I am? I am just a dust which breath to live by God the creator of this universe. I questioned the Creator and complained about the pain I have. I did not think of the pain and sin that he paid for us by his life on the cross. I didn’t think of other brothers and sisters who have been persecuted by the world and those who are poor health condition; yet, those people are contented and never forget to give thanks and give him glory. I headed to my spiritual mom when I seek for courage and helped not Jesus because I was mad at him. I did not think of him while I was in pain. I thought he forgot me and wanted to abandon me. My spiritual mom texted me:

” Every single testimonies that I’ve read or heard from brothers and sisters in the Lord a bout pain, their personal pain, each time they all make it clear that their pain caused them to draw closer to God. They all say that physical and emotional pain made them think about and better understand the pain in Jesus suffered. And through their pain they came to a better understanding of God’s love for them. I know this to be true also.”

After I read this and took her suggestion of reading God’s word rather than picking my laptop to work, I started to pray on Psalms for comfort. I went through it and other scriptures. It makes a big changes, God shows me something that I have never thought before. He put me the courageous, gladness, and contented heart in me that make me shine through his light. It’s not only me with the word alone, it comes from the holy spirit and all of you ( my sisters and brothers in Christ) play a big part to make me bloom like a sunflower under sunlight.

For all the body of Christ  and Minear, who face with difficulties,

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

“Therefore we do not lose heart, but though our outer man is decaying, yet our inner man is being renewed day by day. For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison, while we look not at the things which are seen; but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal.

This time, today, not only I am in physical pain, emotionally pain, but I am spiritually weak; Lord, I thank you that you enable me to praise you and believe in you that everything is going to be OK. If your will is to have me be a part of your mission on this earth longer, I will joyfully summit myself to you. If your will for me to be in transgression so that I can come closer to you and what I have gone through might be a testimonies for your glory; I am thank you for allowing me to do this for you. I am thank you for bringing me up to this earth and to spend eternal life with you.

Dear sisters and brothers,

I know you by the spirit of Christ and because we are one body, I am in pain with you. I am glad and have joy with you. I have pray and join in prayer for you. I hope you can feel the love we have for you in Christ. God is going to heal you physically or spiritually, everything is in his timing. I hope that prayer of an old man for Deliverance in Psalms 71: 20 would encourage you as it is always encourage me, Lord, You have shown us many troubles and distress will revive me again, and will bring me us again from the depths of the earth. May you increase our greatness and turn to comfort us. We love and Praise You!

Lord, I lift up everything in your mighty hands. I lift up my soul to you so that I can rest in peace. I will take heart and believe in you no matter what will happen tomorrow. I love you, Lord.

In Christ,





You Know Me

A Million reasons behind my smiles and tears, you know it all.

What would you feel if you see someone cry while you entering the office?….How did I feel when someone see me crying? I was blessed because they will helped and ministered to me to be strong in the Lord….


I am better in him, Psalms 62:5 “Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him.”

I cannot explain why I cannot be strong and not cry when problems happen to me. I am confused like a ball that bounced up and down. I like to smile whenever I come to office, I love to see them smile. I am blessed that I am able to love them genuinely. I need that kind of love and comfort to make me breath. I give them my hugs and kisses because I want to share the love that I get from GOD. My smiles is my happiness uniform that God put on me.  Thank be to God that I do not have to hide this from you. Thank God that I am called and welcomed to be in your arm and tell you every things. Thank God that I can cry as much as I can. I know you understand me even I say nothing.

To my dear friends,

All strange things that I do to you in words or in deeds of love, they are really from the love of God that I want you to taste the goodness in him-the Love of brother and sister. The joy that I have when I am in the family of Christ. I just want to let you know that I have never ever think of taking all of you for granted.

Ephesians 6:23 “Peace to the brothers and sisters, and love with faith from God the father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

GOD is who he says, 1 Corinthians 1:9 “God is faithful and He will do what he says He will do.”

I love to talk to him and tell him about my problems because he knows me. He listens and comforts me. He doesn’t look down on me while I am crying. But he comes closer in my weakness. I love you Lord! You Know Me because you are the one who created me. I am thank you that I do not have to explain to you why I say this and Why I do this. I am thank you that you are the god of courage that I can cry out to you in the midst of problem, Hebrews 13:5 “For God has said I will never fail you. I will never abandon you.”

“Special thank to my working family and also the family in Christ. When you saw me cry, you did not look down me or tried to push me down. You were there to comfort, to be with me, to spoke god words to me, and to encouraged me in the Lord. I would like to tell you that I am blessed beyond measures to be surround by you guys and to be loved. You all are really touch my heart. This working environment truly shows the Love of Christ. “

Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

That what friends are for

 The first and foremost reason for me to blog about my personal stories is to praise God and giving thanks to him. Some people they can sing beautifully to praise god and shows their loves to him. I am rejoice in him when I listen to christian music all the time. Since I am not gifted with the ability to sing, I choose to write so that I can praise from my heart. As some people, they can write a song about God to praise and worship him, I choose to share my personal stories in the purpose of glorifying him and encouraging others people. When I share my personal problems with other people, I have learned that I am not the only one who faces with those kinds darkest seasons. Their stories encourage me and I hope you are encouraged by me in some other ways, too. I want you to know that GOD IS WITH YOU and you are not the only one.

There are a lot of things that happens in our lives and make us feel up and down like riding on a roller coaster. GOD knows each one of us that we should not hide from him. It always the sweetest things to come before GOD telling him our problems, crying to him, and listen to his response. Seek him and you will see, Ask and you will receive, Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.”

Isn’t it great that we have one true God that know us deeply than we know ourselves? Yes, it is so amazing! 

With God’s Love,



To The Man in My Heart

To celebrate Father’s Day, I am deeply thank for our heavenly father who gave each of us the great gift, someone, whom we called Dad. I, as all sons and daughters, would like to say, We Love You Abba-Our Father God & We Love You Dad-Our Earthly Father. We Thank You for Everything.

The sound of tic tic comes from an angle of the room, someone is doing something with a light from a computer screen. It’s a lunch break when everyone is resting and enjoying meal with friends. There is a woman who is so excited for a day to come in the mid of June. She cannot wait to see of how the world full of love in this celebration. I cannot find a word to describe of her feeling right now, what I know is her happiness coming from the  thankful heart and praising the one who created the world and every thing in it.

To the Man In My Heart, is another hearty writing to express my love and gratitude for the man who are meant to be in my life. I cannot start saying thank to another man except Thank to God who is the creator. He is the first person who let me know what is Love.

Image result for verse for father's day“Father, as we give thank to you everyday, I would like to thank again today as you bless me with the love and wisdom through this post. Lord, Thank You for allowing me to experience the love from my earthly father and driving another man come into my life as a guidance and supporter. I know that his children are being blessed to have them as their father as well. Lord, I am asking you to continue blessing them and touch their heart to seek you for those who haven’t known you yet. Father, open their heart and mind to see and hear your voice and accept you as their personal Lord and Savior. My prayer is that I can see those people I love in your Kingdom together with me. Lord, I lift up all my prayers and everything to you. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen!”

your-father-gives-you-many-things-in-a-lifetimeI hope you know how much I love you PaPa. For 12 years that I was with you, those all are the greatest memories of daddy and me. I cannot say thank you enough for modeling the love and how to give up your happiness to put smile on other’s face. Thank you for keeping the good picture of you until the last day of yours. I am now understand why you did not allowed me to see you at the hospital is because you do not want me destroy the good memory of mine. Pa, I love you…I hope I can see and hug you again in heaven.

Image result for what god says about past mistakesBeside from My biological father, I would like to say Thank You for my uncles, Sour Neang. First year after my dad died, he is the one who came to complete this space. I love and respect you. I understand there are a lots of thing that happened which misunderstanding. One thing that I want to say is I Love you. You are the man in my heart. Your mistake cannot erase the goodness you ever did.

Another uncle of mine, Theara, what I have today is a part of him. Uncle, I would like to say Thank You for taking care of me and my family. No matter when or where, it was in the noon or night, hot or rain you are there for me to make sure I am safe and learn well. There was a time that you ride a motor just to caught the bus which was far in front so that I could go for a field visit (I am sorry, I got up late). You did a great job! I love You.

There is an outsider who came into my life just not long ago, I was so blessed for the time we spent together. He made me feel Love as a family again for being away without dad for many years. I just want to say Thank to him for all what he’s done. By what you do to your children, me, and others, I know you are a good father. We Love You!(Mr. Khoeum HAY)

Psalms 103 “As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him.”

static1.squarespace.comThe Last but not Least, My spiritual dad, He is the great gift for me from Jesus. I am so blessed and thankful that God let him and his wife be a part of my life. Thank  you for bringing me to Jesus, teaching me to fear the lord, to walk with him, to live in his word, and to love him. Thank you for being there when I am weak physically and spiritually. You are the blessing to us. I have never forget that it comes by the Grace of God. “Dads, be the kind of fathers your children delight to fear. You are God to them until they know better.” says Pastor John from Desiring God. Kelly, you are this kind of Dad! We Love You!

Happy Father’s Day! To Dads all around the world. Thank You for all things you have done to us and your love for us. We honor you! Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you. To close this with a prayer that you will be enjoy with your family during this special day. May God continues bless you with all of your work for him.

With God’s Love,